Thursday, February 02, 2006

MP3 Friends Links (1)

...seen that some readers wanted to listen to some of the bands I've talked about, are some links where you can download mp3 of bands or labels of friends,...all the mp3s links are obviously given with the permission of the bands or labels,...ecco qua:
-TEMPONAUTS (Piacenza , ITA, 60's style/Paisley Underground):
" The Down Bums " e "Men Of Dangerous Maybe"
link :
- SWEETBACKS (Karlstad, Sweden , 60's garage/glam punk style)
"Tiger" &
-POPZILLAS (Stuttgart, Germany ,pop-punk)
- FUORI USO (Bergamo , ITA, glam rock)
new single "Sexy Teens /My Sweet Witch"
(in "download" section)
- CERVELLI STANKI (Savona , ITA street punk)
new promo single "Asociale /Concreto Impegno"

-VITTORIO MERLO (ITA/Luxembourg , author , the most downloaded italian artist on internet)
video "Ho Sognato Bruno Vespa" (for ADSL)\'&ext=_big.wmv
or check:
-PIVIRAMA (Palermo, ITA, indie pop/rock)

attached : photos of Raffaella (PIVIRAMA vocalist) & FUORI USO



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grazie michel, sempre un grandissimo.

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