Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a thanx in brief and some mp3 suggestions

Id like to thank Gianluca ("1965 Again ") and The Temponauts for the nice words on their sites on POP ARTX, notably: "On POPARTX always amazing articles LIKE THIS ONE (on Cicciolina!)" (TEMPONAUTS blog february ) ; and " Let me allow to suggest you a pair of blogs: POPARTX by Michele Ballerini; iper-updated and always interesting and MEN OF DANGEROUS MAYBE , the TEMPONAUTS' blog"( 1965 AGAIN blog, march).
Thanx ragazzi and compliments you too for your blogs that I often visit.
MORE, for all of you mp3 fanatics now are online for free download the entire demos by: The TEMPONAUTS (Piacenza paisley underground/ jangle pop, on
(their "Men Of Dangerous Maybe" track is at the moment at n.1 in the "Paisley Underground" charts in Music site) ;
and VIV PRINCE EXPERIENCE (garage-psych-folk rock from Rome , soon their debut split single on vynil), on: (Music section) ;
too I suggest you some mp3s of VITTORIO MERLO , cantautore, the most downloaded italian artist on Internet (produced by the mythical Maestro VINCE TEMPERA , composer of a lot of italian movie soundtracks in the 60's and 70's) , over all: " Non Sopporto I Berlusconi" ("I Can't Stand The Berlusconis") or "Vorrei Essere Simone Cristicchi" ("Id Like To Be S. Cristicchi") , on:

attached: a rare picture from VITTORIO MERLO from 1980; The TEMPONAUTS live and a VIV PRINCE EXP. pic.



Blogger pibio said...

grazie michel da me e da tutti i Temponauts.
e grazie per i tuoi davvero fantastici articoli.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Michel said...

..beh thanx, detto da uno che s'intende di buona letteratura come te, fa piacere...attendiamo il primo album Temponauts!

1:59 AM  

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