Saturday, May 06, 2006

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS "Alison /Welcome To The Working Week" (promo italian edition & UK ed. , Stiff , 1978)

ELVIS COSTELLO's "My Aim Is True" is SIMPLY the BIBLE of the power pop /new wave "pub rock" tinged. I love IMMENSAMENTE (Hugely)that ALBUM . Here is a very rare 7" 1978 italian promo(without sleeve) including "Alison " and "Welcome To The Working Week". Plus: the UK original 7"first edition ( the one with Elvis's pic)
I owne another italian 7" promo by ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS: "Radio Radio /Tiny Steps"(1978, but the italian version is from 1979).

I remember that this WONDERFUL 7" was given to me by a friend that owned a bar with an old juke-box. ..Those were days:) With The RAMONES' "Baby I Love You" or ...ELISABETTA VIVIANI's "Heidi" on the radio all day long :)



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