Saturday, August 05, 2006

HOODOO GURUS r'n'r morning! (..and a tomato sauce)

My god; after some years I've putted again on the stereo HOODOO GURUS "Stoneage Romeos",...GREAT great disc,I loved this band and I'll always a fuckin' hour that I'm listening continuosly to " I Want You Back" , "Dig It Up", "Death Ship" , "My Girl" ; "Arthur" ; and "(Let's All) Turn On" at a very very high VOLUME, mother is boiling a sauce ("conserva" in italian: you boil for 3 hours fresh tomatoes with olive oil , fresh basil and a bit of onion and...voilà!) with our( very) red tomatoes just picked up in the garden,...I have an half idea she wanna put a cooking knife in my belly ' (or , worst again, to put a bunch of crude spaghetti up into my ass)..cos of the high volume r'n'r! :)
HOODOO GURUS in our hearts forever:) yeah!



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