Monday, May 08, 2006

The ROLLING STONES debut : "Come On / I Want To Be Loved" 7" (Decca , 1963)

Bend down in RELIGIOUS SILENCE and PRAY, baby!
This is the MYTHS' debut. Released on june 7th , 1963; recorded at Olympic Sound Studios , Carlton Street , London.
You can find it on "London Years" 3CD boxset.
Attached some picture sleeves of the UK single and too of a rare dutch single with "Come On /Tell Me".
lyrics ( by CHUCK "Aurea Maiestatis "BERRY"Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted /All day long I'm walkin' 'cause I couldn't get my car started /Laid off from my job /and I can't afford to check it / I wish somebody'd come along and run into it and wreck it / Come on, since me and my baby parted/ Come on, I can't get started 7 Come on



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